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We would like to informe you that JSC “Bta Bank” changed its name and has been working as
“Silk Road Bank”

Demand Deposit
Invest your money without restrictions!

Open deposit without term and monthly installments.

Visit "Silk Road Bank” JSC, open the Demand Deposit and make sure that it is better with us!

Main Terms:


  • Currency - GEL / USD;
  • Minimal amount - no lomit;
  • Maximal amount – no limit;
  • Minimal balance - 400 GEL / 1500 USD;
  • Term - unlimited;
  • The interest rate is charged in compliance with "Complicated interest rate rule” and is added to the principle deposit amount at the end on the last day of every month;

Additions terms:

  • When deposit balance does not exceed minimum balance within 6 months and active transactions have not been made during that period, then deposit maintenance fee in the amount of 1 GEListo be paid on the last day of every month, before any active transaction is made on the account;
  • Withdrawal of deposit within limits of amount placed in cash – free of charge
  • In case of non-cash transfer, withdrawal of deposit from the account is made in accordance with the standard bank fees;


Deposit placed in foreign currency contains quite a high risk. Accrued interest in GEL may be significantly decreased by currency rate fluctuation.


Deposit insurance system


Dear customer!

From January 1st, 2018, the Bank is a member of a deposit insurance system established in Georgia in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Deposit Insurance System, whereas in case of insurance event, each individual depositor is entitled to receive a compensation from the Deposit Insurance Agency, within the limit of 15,000 GEL. The amount above the limit shall be compensated as provided under the effective legislation of Georgia

For more information on deposit insurance system, visit web site at:


Interest Rate:

Currency The minimum balance* Nominale Rate Effective Rate**
GEL 400 2.00% 2.20%
USD 1500 0.25% 0.30%

  *  Minimum balance - Minimum amount with interest rate to be charged;

** The calculation of the effective interest rate is as follows: The Client opens the Demand Deposit with 1000 units and deposits on the account for 12 months.

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