Dear Costumer,
We would like to informe you that JSC “Bta Bank” changed its name and has been working as
“Silk Road Bank”

Opening and servicing
We will assist you in better managing your budget !

You can open and manage settlement (current) and also supplementary settlement accounts at the Silk Road Bank. You may wish to open a main and several supplementary accounts to make transactions.

Operation Tariff
Main multicurrency account opening 10 GEL
Service fee on main multicurrency account 2 GEL (Month)
Service fee of inactive main multicurrency account for period of limitation of 6 months 5 GEL (Month)
Service fee of inactive main multicurrency account for period of limitation of 1 year 10 GEL (Month)
Additional account opening 5 GEL
Service fee on additional account 1 GEL (Month)
Check book Free of charge
Min. balance Not required
Max. balance Unlimited
Depositing cash to account limits Unlimited
Cash withdrawals from account limitss Unlimited
Interest accruaed on the positive balance No accrual

* In case, if the client wants to make a business card, the additional account opening fee is not required;

* In case, if the business card(s) is linked to the account, the account monthly service fee is also charged;

* Inactive account - main or additional account(s) on which no turnover is fixed. Turnover does not imply the commissions which are taken by bank;

* Accrual on the inactive main account will stop in case of absence of balance on the account;

* Inactive main account service fee is not charged if there is turnover on customer's current / deposit account for the last 6 months, or the client is using the term deposit, or credit product, or there is a restriction on the account with the form of incase or seizure.


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