Dear Costumer,
We would like to informe you that JSC “Bta Bank” changed its name and has been working as
“Silk Road Bank”

Internet banking
From any part of the world, without having to go to the bank,within 24 hours, perform the banking operations you need

Internet bank gives you the possibility to:

  • Manage your own accounts:
    • Get information about accounts, balances, available and blocked funds
    • Make statements
    • Get detailed information about your banking products (loans, deposits, business cards)
    • Search for transactions easily through filters

  • Money transfer:
    • Between your own accounts and someone else’s account, in the currency of your choice
    • For the clients of Silk Road Bank easily, only indicating a personal number
    • To treasury
    • Repeat the transferred amount

  • Get information about currency exchange rates and convert at a special rate

  • Top up mobile balances and pay the utility bills

  • You can also use the reference book and learn:
    • Currency exchange rates, exchange rate history
    • Bank reference book
    • Addresses of Silk Road Bank branches and ATMs
    • About the latest news and new products at Silk Road Bank.
Internet banking Fee
Minimal package * – registration 10 GEL
Monthly service fee 5 GEL
Maximal package** (DG-pass authentication) – registration 50 GEL
Monthly service fee 5 GEL
Restoring access password for the internet banking system Free

* With a minimal package it is possible to make transactions only between your own accounts, pay utility bills and top up your mobile balance

** With the full package it is possible to perform any operation allowed by the Internet Bank. DG-pass is required to verify the operation

Internet banking security:


It is necessary to take some security measures while using remote/digital services. Concern about our customers’ security is our first priority. For this reason, we have high standards of internet security. We would like to give some basic advices on secure internet session:

  • Make sure that you work on Silk Road Bank’s secured website: . Secured website always starts with: https:// and has lock sign. If any of symbols is different, it means, you have visited a fake website
  • Please take into consideration that Silk Road bank will never request your personal login details via e-mail. If you receive a mail containing such information, immediately call our hotline 2242-242 and inform us
  • You can receive an e-mail containing virus. So be attentive, if the sender is unknown, if the text seems less professional, contains mistakes. Do not open it. Delete it immediately
  • In order to avoid any kind of problems, do not pass internet-bank credential to anyone. If your credentials are reveled to someone else, and there is an unauthorized access to your internet- bank, Silk Road Bank will evade its responsibility
  • Do not use password, which can be easily guessed, e.g. your birth date, nick name etc. A lot of customers think, that if a password is complicated, it can be easily forgotten. Thus, the best option is to take a word, which is easily memorized and add figures. You will have a strong password, which will be difficult for others to guess
  • Never use computers available for other (internet café computers) for you internet-bank sessions, nor any other computer without modern antivirus system
  • Always use antivirus
  • It is strongly recommended to close your session by pushing "logout” button

  • Please realize that you can become a cyberattack victim any time. Always remember that cybercriminal tries to deceive you with an image well-known to you and always check every detail that looks suspicious to you. Only thus you can protect yourself from cyberattack and minimize the risks.


    For secure internet bank operation, the transactions are authorized by using eCode Device (electronic device, which generates onetime unique, further DG-pass) .



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