Dear Costumer,
We would like to informe you that JSC “Bta Bank” changed its name and has been working as
“Silk Road Bank”

    New Internet-bank
    Posted on 19/05/2020

    Dear customer!

    New Internet-bank will make your connection with Silk Road Bank much easier and comfortable. For confirmation of transaction you can now choose SMS code or dg-pass. Besides standard services, you will be able to: :

    • - Apply for bank products:
      • - Open additional account
      • - Order a debit card
      • - Open deposit
      • - Apply for credit or credit card
    • - Convert currency with special rate
    • - Transfer mony with ID number (inside Silk Road Bank)
    • - Create a payment cart and make bulk transfer
    • - Search transaction by payment details and date
    • - Repeat a transaction.

    • See renewed fees.



    Resume services
    Posted on 19/04/2020

    Dear customer!

    Happy Easter!

    Due to the imposed restrictions and the situation in the country, Silk Road Bank will resume service from April 22. For further information please contact our call center 032 2 242 242.



    Easter holidays
    Posted on 16/04/2020

    Dear Customer!

    Please note that April 17, 18, 19 and 20 are the holidays at Silk Road Bank in connection with the glorious Easter holiday. The bank will resume service from April 21.

    Silk Road Bank wishes you a wonderful Easter!



    Tips to avoid internet fraud
    Posted on 23/07/2019

    Dear Customer!

    We would like to warn you about the increasing number of cyberattacks.

    Please be informed that internet frauds take place more and more often. Fake offers are being placed on internet space and social networks in the name of Silk Road Bank. This is one of the most widespread fraud methods - phishing. It aims obtaining personal and confidential data of internet user. In case of phishing, perpetrator poses your familiar organization/website, which has the same design as the real one (you know and trust). After you sign in, the perpetrator gets hold of the information you enter (user name, password, card number, ID number etc.) and can use it for fraud reasons.

    Please carefully check received e-mails, even if they seem to be sent by secured source. Probably it may be a bank or other organization quite familiar to you.

    How can you protect yourself from phishing?

    · While using internet bank, also while entering personal information (credit card number), make sure that you browse the official site of "Silk Road Bank”. The address of secure site always starts with https:// and the locked padlock. If otherwise, it means that the site is fraudulent.

    · Restrict sharing information on social media at maximum: Facebook, forums and other sources. As much information is available on you, as easy it is for cybercriminal to trap you.

    · If you receive an e-mail, requesting you to follow a link or open an attached file (even a word document containing a request to follow the instructions or click some links) always check the authenticity of the sender.

    ·Always use antivirus.

    · Never trust e-mail/sms, which request you timely action, or contain an incredible offer (such as " a gift - 50 000 GEL is waiting for you, deadline is 23.07.2019), such offers are provided by fake web-sites, that obtain your card data and miss appropriate your funds.

    · Be attentive. Phishing e-mails are often badly written and contain spelling and grammar mistakes.

    Please be well aware that you may become the victim of the cyberattack. Remember that cybercriminal tries to pose your familiar image to deceive you, and always check the e-mail/sms, even if it is at least suspicious. Only thus you can protect yourself from cyberattack and minimize the risk.




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