Dear Costumer,
We would like to informe you that JSC “Bta Bank” changed its name and has been working as
“Silk Road Bank”

    3D Security Service
    Posted on 06/04/2021

    Dear Customers,

    Please note that for more security of customers, from April 12, 2021, all bank cards will be automatically activated in 3D Security Service and for online payment transactions will be required confirmation using the one-time code will be send to financial or SMS Bank numbers. 3D Security Service provides additional security to protect cardholders from online fraud/unauthorized use of their payment card data by a third party when making an online purchase.

    The service is free of charge and can be used on any website where you see „VISA SECURE” or „Verified by VISA".

    If the cardholder enters the one-time verification code incorrectly three times, the transaction will not be completed as the card will be blocked for 3D Security Service transactions since 30 minutes. In case of temporary blocking three times in a row, you can make online purchases only in connection with the call center or after visiting to bank.

    The number of 3D code characters is 6 and is valid for 1 session (within 10 minutes).

    For further information please contact our call center 032 2 242 242



    Change in card payment transactions
    Posted on 05/01/2021
    Dear Customers!

    Please be informed that in accordance with the requirements of the Strong Customer Authentication approved by the National Bank of Georgia by Order № 156/04 of September 2, 2020, plastic card payment transactions have been temporarily restricteds in high risk merchants , in particular:

    - Gambling;
    - Electronic wallet;
    - Charities;
    - Political organizations;

    For further information please contact our call center 032 2 242 242.


    Renewal of service hours
    Posted on 01/06/2020
    Dear Customer!

    Please be informed, that Silk Road Bank has returned to standard costumer service hours. Bank services are available from Monday to Friday between 10:00 - 18 00.
    For further information please contact our call center 032 2 242 242.


    New Internet-bank
    Posted on 19/05/2020

    Dear customer!

    New Internet-bank will make your connection with Silk Road Bank much easier and comfortable. For confirmation of transaction you can now choose SMS code or dg-pass. Besides standard services, you will be able to: :

    • - Apply for bank products:
      • - Open additional account
      • - Order a debit card
      • - Open deposit
      • - Apply for credit or credit card
    • - Convert currency with special rate
    • - Transfer mony with ID number (inside Silk Road Bank)
    • - Create a payment cart and make bulk transfer
    • - Search transaction by payment details and date
    • - Repeat a transaction.

    • See renewed fees.




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