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Silk Road Bank offers for you a credit card with best terms - Plasti Card.
The application can be submitted remotly. For registration, please visit our website www.silkonline.ge. Choose the "Register" button and follow the instructions. Activate your profile and sumbit your application. You will hear from us as soon as possible. 

Plasti Card terms:

Main Terms and Fees
Credit Limit (GEL) 500 - 10000
Credit Validity 1 year with automated prolongation
Card Type Visa Classic
Card Order Fee Free
Annual Fee (GEL) 30
Interest Rate 18%
Interest Rate for paying at merchants and credit repayment within 1 year  From 29.8%
Effective Interest Rate within Grace Period and Withdrawal From 0.56%

Withdrawal Fees at Silk Road Bank ATM/Branch

3.9% (Min. 5 GEL)
Withdrawal Fees at Other Bank's ATMs 4.50% (Min. 10 GEL)
Fee for Paying at Merchants 0%
Mobile Balance Top-up  and other payments via Remote Channels 0%
Min. Repayment Amount 5% of the amount used + interest
Source of Income Salary, Lease, Money Transfer

Additional Terms:
  • Be at least 21 years and have minimum salary of 300 GEL
  • No need for collateral and bail
  • The credit card can be used in any ATM and post-terminal, both in Georgia and abroad.