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Loan for buying, renovating or building a house or flat.
If you wish to buy/renovate/build an apartment or a house, or buy commercial property or a plot of land, you can apply for a Silk Road Bank mortgage loan with low interest rate. 
The application can be submitted remotly. For registration, please visit our website www.silkonline.ge. Choose the "Register" button and follow the instructions. Activate your profile and sumbit your application. You will hear from us as soon as possible. 
Interest Rate From 11.50% From 7.00% From 6.50%
Eიffective Interest Rate From 12.23% From 7.31% From 6.78%
Ammount 1000 - 1000 000 GEL (Equivalent USD, EURO)
Term (Months) 6 - 180
Loan Issuance Comission  From 0.50%
Income Source Salary, Lease, Money Transfer
Collateral Real Estate - Apartment, Commercial Property, Plot of Land